SuperTrails on Sponge


Should I port SuperTrails on Sponge ?

Spigot link


Yes! I would definitely love to use this in my own sponge servers. There’s not many plugins yet in sponge making extensive use of particles and yours seems quite unique. I’d give you my full support in porting this to sponge.


This looks like an amazing plugin! Feel free to ask here on the forums or on #spongedev for any difficulties you encounter if you decide to port it!


Awesome! Thanks :wink:


That would be absolutely fantastic! I would add this plugin instantly if it were to be ported.


Are you still considering porting supertrails to sponge? I’m really wanting to add it to my server. Please let me know! :slight_smile:


Nope, I’m no longer interested into porting it.


Alternate since it isn’t being ported: