Tab Modifier - A simple & easy to use tab manager plugin, based on luckperms

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TabModifier is a simple & easy to use tab manager plugin based on luckperms

  • Commands

/tab - show basic information of the plugin

/tab reload - reload config & TAB list

  • Permissions

tabmodifier.use - permission to use /tab command

tabmodifier.reload - permission to use /tab reload command


TabModifier DOES NOT handle prefix & suffix itself, you may only set prefix & suffix through luckperms


Hey! Saw this while browsing and was wondering if this was just out of the box working with luckperms prefix and suffix?

Don’t want to have the same format for the tab list and chat.

Probably will still use this though.

Currently this plugin simply show prefix/suffix as well as header & footer on tab list, basically the same as TabManager, but a lot more simple, in the future I will add more information such as world info and player status, all the features are optional, you can disable something as you like in config

Oh, really nice, I will give it a try !

Can this plugin be used to have a colored tablist? And can users be sorted in a certain order by group?

Any chance we could get vanished (nucleus) players to not appear in the tab list?

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A new version has been released for Tab Modifier, it is available for download here.

  • PlaceHolderApi Fully Support,
  • Automatically update & refresh tablist
  • Listening to LuckPermsApi Events
  • Efficiency Improvement
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I moved my plugins out of the /mods/ directory and everything works but this mod. I get an error on server start about luckperms. This is the only plugin that doesn’t like the new directory.

Crashes the server on version 1.4.1. I get the same error that all of them on github get (relating to luckperms api).

is there a way to sort players in tab list with this mod?

would love to have player sorting and possible something like tabmanagers

where it can add them to groups and display their prefix/suffix or placeholders kinda thing. think it would be awesome since i do want my players to have both in tab and above their names.

Is this project dead or any plans for future additions or improvements?

Hello, can you update for latest luckperms ?