TabModifier —— tab manager plugin based on luckperms, now support Placeholders



TabModifier is an addon for luckperms, it synchronize players’ prefix/suffix to tablist and support placeholders


- Listening to LuckPerms events, once player/group meta changed, synchronize all changes to tablist
- Support PlaceholderApi, you can add placeholders to header/footer/prefix/suffix
- Support MultiLine header/footer, use \n to split
- Make your players' tablist dynamic


/tab  refresh - refresh all players' tablist
/tab reload - reload config
/tab setheader [header] - set header value
/tab setfooter [footer] - set footer value




FooterValue="&a&lThis is &d&lFooter\n&b&lLook, the SecondLine"
HeaderValue="&a&lThis is &b&lHeader"
# Name Style on tablist, use format code
# If players' prefix is not set yet, plugin will use initial value instead
InitialValue {
# How long, in ticks, should plugin wait before refresh tablist when player join server, set to 0 to disable delay
UpdateInterval {
    # How long, in seconds, should plugin update tablist's header & footer
    # How long, in seconds, should plugin update tablist's playernames





1.How to set prefix/suffix?

  • lp user [username] meta setprefix [weight] [prefix]
  • lp user [username] meta setsuffix [weight] [suffix]
  • lp group [groupname] meta setprefix [weight] [prefix]
  • lp group [groupname] meta setsuffix [weight] [suffix]
  • if one player/group has multiple prefix/suffix, tabmodifier will use that with highest weight value

2.How do I add placeholder?

  • you can get all placeholders here
  • use luckperms command to set prefix/suffix, which contains placeholders you want to use, for example
    lp user skioak meta setsuffix 1 &e[&a%player_ping%&e]
  • you can add placeholders to header and footer

3.What is displayname?

  • you can use /nick command to set players’ displayname, once players’ displayname set, tabmodifier will synchronize it to tablist


This looks cute! I need to ask as you know mojang doesnt accept any nicknames more than 12,13 characters (not sure how much) so what i’m asking does this plugin count [Prefix] as characters? I don’t want it to crash the server


No, this plugin does not affect nicknames, some server may give their players [prefix] & [suffix], but nucleus and luckperms only show them on chat, my plugin simply sync them to tablist…


Sweet! Great work mate


Newer Version Released
In this Version I fixed some bugs and use task method to prevent possible errors
Add Header & Footer feature
You can disable Prefix / Suffix Now
basically rewrite the whole plugin
borrowed some ideas from tabmanager, thanks for its authors
Player name strictly follow the color & style of prefix
Fully Tested on SpongeForge 1.12.2
Luckperms 4.x required
Does not support any other permission plugin


Newer Version Released

  • some minor fixes
  • improved performance
  • abandon task event
  • Fixed #3

PermissionsEX for prefixes please help

This is great thank you! Worked right out of the box, first run.


Really nice ! I got no error using API 6 and TabModifier 1.3 :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, I will completely rewrite this plugin and add support to placeholderAPI these day, thank you all for 200+ downloads! If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment blow…


Aw yiss, awesome ! I can’t wait to try it. If you need feedback on dev builds it will be my pleasure to help.


TabModifier 1.4.1 has release, download here