Taboo - A simple GUI based ban plugin

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This is a very simple GUI based ban plugin


Ban for fly hacking

Ban for speed hacking

Ban for xray hacking

Perm Ban

it also shows the players skull along with name to show if u typed in the right name before hit one of the ban buttons


add in a config file

add more options

add custom messages file

A new version has been released for Taboo, it is available for download here.

The first release of the plugin with the basic features to use and will be adding more in the later days

here is a little preview of the simple things as of right now

This plugins does not make a config file :confused:

You should make a mute feature too

@FunyDucky i am working on making a config file for it as i am still working on things and i will see what a mute feature

I was wondering if you’re continuing this plugin?