Technic Solder 0.7 DEV is out

So I was going through my email when I see an email from github saying that GenPage submitted a pull request to the technic solder repo on github. I got really excited to know that we are finally seeing the next update of solder :smile: so here is the link. So, what are you guys most excited about?

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Never heard of Technic Soldier before… Granted I’ve been out of the Minecraft community for a long time now.

I know technic is a mod-pack launcher. But didn’t know their download API was so impressive :open_mouth:.

Awesome might be time to update mine

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Can I have a link to your user profile on technic? I would love to check out your modpacks.

They are all hidden :slight_smile:

inb4 @The_Doctors_Life rages at hidden modpacks :trollface:

Yeah, I kept poking @GenPage to do the stuff he always wanted to do. So he updated laravel and did a whole bunch of other stuff. But he plans on adding more things to it slowly over time.

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Oh didnt notice here. :smile:

Solder currently isn’t ready for you guys to update it yourselves :stuck_out_tongue: There is still a lot of things needed to be done before I take that DEV tag off of the version number. I will be focusing on making updates a lot more seemless.

Feel free to comment on the PR, I will be going through issues as well.


cough -Docker-