Tektopia entities unable to break/place blocks

I thought originally it had to do with GriefPrevention…but when I moved to a new host and didn’t even have GP installed yet, my Tektopia villagers were still unable to break/place blocks.

I have watched my farmers ‘plant’ seeds…the item is removed from their inventory like it worked…but the farmland remains farmland.

Farmers can’t break fully grown crops, Lumberjacks can’t chop trees…etc. I’ve searched for a mob-griefing tag in the config files, but have been unable to find anything that works…any ideas?

There is no error log to post, because there are no errors thrown.

Do you have the vanilla gamerule mobGriefing set to false? That prevents everything from creeper explosions to villagers harvesting crops.

No, ‘mobGriefing=true’

Gonna try testing everything…fresh install with a new world…and slowly add mods/plugins because it works fine in single player

Seems to be an issue with Nucleus…more testing to come though.