TeleConfirmLite v1.0

Since the days of hmod, TeleConfirmLite has existed. With permission from Ementalo, I have made sure that it continues to exist!

This plugin allows players to request to teleport to each other. The other player is then able to accept or deny the request. There are some convenience commands as well, such as disabling requests (/tpctoggle) and a back command (/tpcback).

This is almost a 1-1 replica of the past TeleConfirmLite plugins (in terms of permissions and commands). This time, it is on Sponge!

Almost all of the details for this plugins usage, along with the download, can be found on the github page:

I don’t quite know how to make my post fancy like the other posts here, but it sounds like the Ore repository software is coming along nicely, so you guys will get a fancy plugin page then.

Commands & Permissions

These are fancily formatted in a table in the project’s readme:

  • /tpcreload (tcl.reload)
  • /tpcclear (tcl.tpcclear)
  • /tpc (tcl.tpc)
  • /tpchere (tcl.tpchere)
  • /tpctoggle (tcl.tpctoggle)
  • /tpca (tcl.tpca)
  • /tpcd (tcl.tpcd)
  • /tpcback (tcl.tpcback)


Downloads can also be found on github:


Getting this on an updated server:

[08:07:43] [Server thread/ERROR] [Sponge/]: Skipping plugin with invalid plugin ID ‘com.lagopusempire.teleconfirmlite’. Plugin IDs should be lowercase, and only contain characters from a-z, dashes or underscores, start with a lowercase letter, and not exceed 64 characters.

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It’s because the plugin hadn’t updated to the new naming conventions, that were later reverted.

Why did it have to be done at all? This functionality is in the UltimateCore plugin. In my opinion, now the only thing that is not enough for Sponge, is the ability to create a store on the NPC with a gui menu, similar to the Bukkit dtltaders plug-ins. Try to make a server shop on the signs, provided that you have a shop and think how much space this store will take.
Or there is another version of the kind of shop on the NPC. EasyGuiShop plugin.
I’m just planning to start learning the Java programming language and I think if these plugins do not have an analog for Sponge, then in due course I will do it myself.
I apologize for my english, I used google translator.