TeleportationPlus - All of your teleporting needs!

What’s up? I used to be a plugin writer for Bukkit. My goal is to recreate as many of those plugins as possible in Sponge. TeleportationPlus was my first idea where I plan on giving users several ways to manage teleporting between players.

Potential Commands

- /tpr <player>
- /tpaccept
- /tpdecline
- /qtp [player]
- /gather
- /back

Command Descriptions

/tpr is a way to send a player a request to teleport to you. The receiver can use /tpaccept or /tpdecline to accept or decline a request.
/qtp is a “quick teleport” where to target is sent a message they can click to to tp to the sender. If no target is given, the message is broadcast across the whole server.
/gather is a command to forcibly teleport everyone on the server to your location.
/back takes you back to your previous location (must be used within 2 minutes)

Other Planned Features

When I know more about it, I plan on adding a config file to change the delay of the /gather, how long previous locations are stored, and how long a tp request is active.

If you have any suggestions, I’m willing to consider them!
If you’d like to look at the plugin and how I’m writing it, you can look at its repo on GitHub.


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You might consider not having TPEssentials as your root directory in your repo. Most commonly, you should have git initialized inside that directory, rather than in the the directory (on your computer) that contains TPEssentials

I think I see what you mean. I’ll try to fix it tomorrow but thanks for pointing that out, I’m really new to git :stuck_out_tongue:

I would recommend using a different name than ‘tpessentials’, as Essentials support pages and IRC typically get high results on google searches, so people who want support with plugins with similar names tend to get confused with the plugin names.

How about a ‘/back’ or similar which takes you back to your last point of death or your last location prior to teleporting to a player?


I thought this when I first made the name, I’m currently trying to think of a better name. Thank you :slight_smile:

Doesn’t sound like a bad idea!