[Temporarily Closed] Doot - Developer

I am a Computer Science student at the University of Texas at Dallas who’s programmed in Java and various other JVM languages for over 6 years, and have worked in MineCraft development for nearly that entire time. More specifically, I have worked with Sponge’s API since its version 1 debut in December 2014. If you’re looking for small to medium sized plugins, I’m your guy.

Public Experience:

  • doot: Annoy your friends with trumpet sounds in MineCraft!
  • Arven Perms: A permissions plugin aiming for higher versatility than currently available, such as allowing towny-style plugins to use it, rather than build their own permissions system.
  • Frontier: Developer tools for the Sponge platform.

Also check out my GitHub profile for other, unreleased plugins, as well as non-MineCraft-related projects.

Previous Commissions:
I worked at FlameNetwork (100+ concurrent) (Spigot) from 2015 to 2018 as developer, eventually becoming lead developer. Note: It has recently come under new ownership.

Generally $15-20 USD per hour. This may change based on project size (smaller plugins charging less, larger plugins charging more).


No Pixelmon sidemods or plugins that interact with Pixelmon. I’m not interested, sorry!

  • Before commencing work on a project, you must provide a clear and detailed description of the features you request. I will ask for clarification when needed.
  • Private plugins give you full ownership (including modification) over the code, provided you acknowledge that I created it. I will not redistribute the plugin, but may reuse the abstractions and algorithms for other purposes. Source code will be provided on request via a download or git repository.
  • Public plugins give you the permissions specified by their license, which is usually the MIT license.
  • At various stages of development, I will make available a test server for you to try out the plugin before payment is due.
  • Payment is only required at the end, once you are satisfied with the end product, after which I will provide the plugin jar (and sources upon request).
  • Support and bug-fixes are provided free of charge. Feature requests may require additional payment.

Payment is done through PayPal.

doot#0001 on Discord (join the Sponge discord first! https://discord.gg/sponge)

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