Testing Sponge

I looked for a while but didn’t see any similar topics. I would think the answer is yes, but would Sponge be releasing experimental version that people could use? Then perhaps give feedback here on the forums?

It’s my understanding that sponge is currently not in a state to be used, if you still want to try it I recommend compiling the needed jars from the github source.

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The only thing you can program with sponge are plugins that throw:

  • Abstractmethodexception
  • nullpointerexceptions
    The API looks good but is also not finished/usable. The forge implementation is still missing his mixing classes.

You can try out some jars from here but they won’t do mutch yet:

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I’m pretty sure that they haven’t released anything official yet but if you guys would like to make a list to I can try to contact the staff with your names and maybe just maybe we will get in on some alpha testing.

You cant expect to much yet though for now I believe it is nothing more than a foundation there is nothing to do, its just a mold in which they will build the server.

where can i find the github page

Take a look at the fronnt page (spongepowered.org). There’s a link there.