Ever wanted to write a plugin to integrate with Thaumcraft?

Well, now you can! (Sort of).

After some of the recent marvels of Mixins, I’ve elected to start up a project that I’ve always wanted to do. ThaumicSponge.

This description is pretty lacking (as is the API and implementation of ThaumicSponge), but it will get better! I swear!


Some things I managed to get done today:

Edit aura nodes!
Example plugin code:

import com.gabizou.thaumicsponge.api.entity.AuraNode;

public void spawn(SpawnEntityEvent entityEvent) {
  for (Entity entity : entityEvent.getEntities()) {
    if (entity instanceof AuraNode) {
      AuraNodeData data = entity.get(AuraNodeData.class).get();
      System.err.printf("***** Found Aura Node *****\n");
      System.err.printf("Aura node size: " + data.nodeSize() + "\n");
      System.err.printf("Aura node type: " + data.nodeType().get().getId() + "\n");
      System.err.printf("Aura node Aspect: " + data.aspect().get().getId() + "\n");
      System.err.printf("Aura node stable: " + (data.stabilized().get() ? "true" : "false") + "\n");
      data.set(ThaumicKeys.AURA_NODE_ASPECT, Aspects.ALIENIS);
      data.set(ThaumicKeys.AURA_NODE_SIZE, 360);
      data.set(ThaumicKeys.AURA_NODE_TYPE, AuraNodeTypes.TAINT);



YEAH! Bring them on!
A collection of custom Sponge tweaks would be something really cool we could show off at the wild party we call State of Sponge 9.
Burning question: Will we be able to mutate Taint with FLARD?


I will put this on Discovery One tonight. Im guessing Inscrutable has already done so to the scs?

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Nope. There’s no official downloads, and it doesn’t seem to do much yet. I’m hoping this will become a suite of tools. Feel free to compile what there is and try it if you like, guinea pigs are always needed :wink:

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Might we make some change for sponge addon mods/plugins to register something into CommonModuleRegistry without mixins?

Yes, it’s intended. Just a bit difficult with core mods being the only thing possible to register their CatalogTypes so early before static initialization of plugins.

You gave me ideas for Botaina…


And api for baubles… Both tc and botania uses baubles mod.

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Some Disco Nodes:


I’m not sure how one for baubles would work as all baubles does is add extra slots/inventory to the player for “special Items” so maybe an API to find that idk… But I came up with some fun ideas for Botania now to sit down and implement it :smile:

Thanks to @Mumfrey, some issues with mixins were fixed and a testable jar can now be produced.