The current Forum Theme


I was just wondering if the current forum theme is permanent?

Personally, I think there should be a nicer theme that’s easier to navigate (especially on iPhone). This is constructive criticism, not a rant! :wink:

mh, think it’s perfect for the start. The design is perfect for my iPad (don’t know how it looks on an iPhone) but it has all the required features to communicate with each other.

Shouldn’t this be in the Meta forum or something?

Sponge Forums Theme Central :wink:

@octoshrimpy - I’d love to see that theme on the forums!

I believe @drtshock (correct me if I’m wrong) stated that this forum was set in stone unless it starts to show that it’s not capable of handling what we need.

forum program, yes. forum theme, not so much. :)

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I like the current forum theme, its different, that is what makes it stand out.

I would definitely like to see this implemented.

Moved to Meta category. The current theme is not permanent. There will be a new theme that will work well with the future website.

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