The difficult Crowdin migration process IS DONE!

Dear translators,
I wanted to give you all a quick update that you really deserve.

Long story short

You can now safely use our new enterprise instance and project at Crowdin Enterprise.
The last invitation you received from us on January 27th should be working now! We apologize for the invitation spam over the last 3 weeks.

Aaand the long story

Over the last three weeks, you may have received some pretty useless Crowdin invitation from us.
Most of them didn’t even work. As announced by Inscrutable on January 4th, we planned to move to a new Crowdin enterprise instance with a nice new user interface. In case of migration from to an Enterprise instance, Crowdin provides a feature called “Organization Migrator”. In the second week of January I started the first migration process and it failed pretty quickly. Because the error message was meaningless (“3 out of 3 assets were not migrated”) and I turned to the Crowdin support team. Since there was no quick solution, they forwarded my problem to the Crowdin developers, who then released a solution. The same problem occurred again, after which another fix was released. At this point none of of you had received an email. On the next migration attempt, the migration status reached 80% (much higher than ever before), but still failed. Shortly after, I found a new email in my inbox with the subject “Invitation to the SpongePowered organization on Crowdin”. At this point I thought this email was only sent to myself, but that was not the case. The migration included a “migration step for members” that invited anyone of the project on to our new enterprise instance. Unfortunately, this step is not the last in the proccess with the result in many people being notified on a failed migration. And that’s exactly what happened. As before, crowdin required multiple versions to fix the problem, resulting in multiple migration attempts and multiple invitations in your inbox. I checked with the crowdin team, but there was no way to prevent invitations from being sent when a migration failed. At a certain point, the migrator told us about a successful migration but when we reviewed the new project, we saw that not all translations had been migrated and therefore the translation progress was not correct. Regarding this problem, I would like to quote Andriy Poznakhovskyy (Head of Customer Growth Crowdin):

Due to you have multiple branches in the project, migrator is collecting creation timestamps of every branch and upload them in the same sequence to new Crowdin. Strings uploaded before others become visible & available for translation. But your project is 7yo :muscle: and during this time many files in every branch were updated dozens of time, so technically migrator cannot upload files in exactly the same sequence. Because of that, some strings which are hidden in old project become visible in new project or vice a versa.

At the end of the day, your great work over the last 7 years was too much for the migration tool to handle. Together with the Crowdin team, we did some manual migration work and
finally completed successfully.

Sorry for the inconvenience and please keep up the great work! If you have any problems during sign up, please reach out to the Crowdin support.

Felix, Inscrutable and the whole Docs team.

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