The Implementation?

Thats something i would like to ask. How the Implementation will be done? Its hard to like get an idea what is planned to do?
I have heard some rumours that we will not do the wrapping approach bukkit dit, but would use ASM to make minecraft bind directly in to the api?

Asm is being considered for doing event translation. This is more Forge to Sponge than MC to Sponge. We would add the interface onto the forge event and add any method conversions required.

That really only works if there is a good match between the 2 classes though. If the MC class doesn’t really implement our interface, then you would be adding complex methods to do the translation.

Another area is the maths library. The internal MC classes could be made to implement the Sponge maths interfaces. This saves converting between vector types.

I understand that where going to need ASM for events. But ASM to bind up World Classes?

I ask this because I got confused what Zidane said here:

I don’t think the exact plan is decided yet, but doing it for events seems pretty likely.