The materialization of my wish for the logo

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This is great realization of the idea I had in my mind from the beginning, but since I am not versatile in graphical design, I simply left it alone. I am glad to see that someone else also came to this idea. IMO it looks great!
However, I would suggest to create a version with only top layer (the green one) and the yellow base; loose the “dirt” part all together. In that way it is completely in the spirit of the MC, while it is true to its physical model upon which you have based your design.


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Did you meant something like this? :blush:






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I really like it!
Thanks for the effort.

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Just for fun: :stuck_out_tongue:

Versions: 1600x1600 ~ 4000x4000
Thx to @Paril and @nixter1029 for the text in the blue bar.


Love it! :smile:

I didn’t didn’t really notice your logo submission until I saw this image. It looks amazing now! :heart_eyes: