The one about Bacon

So I like bacon, and I bet you like bacon. This thread is for all the bacon lovers to talk about and post sizzling bacon pics!

Since I can’t post pics, yet, I made some text art to post here:

~ <- That’s bacon.

As a reminder to others, I don’t think we want to see any NSFW pictures posted.


Ok here is some safer bacon


Thank bacon. haha

Bacon is looking a bit too thin for my liking.
You need some proper British bacon :wink:


You want thick bacon? Fine have some American Steak Bacon

But that’d technically be just a pork steak right :wink:

Nope, just thick :wink:

I figured that should tide some people over.

Seriously. Kevin Bacon.

Edit: Okay, i’m feeling dumb. How 2 make pics?

I’m disappointed in you.

ok, now you’re just evil. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not quite but close, would be called bacon with a one letter typo.

That’s a hart attack waiting to happen. :smile: