The SpongeAPI Sample Project

SpongeAPI Sample Project

Sample is far away from being runnable. But that’s not the point. The Sample Project is supposed to demonstrate the features of the SpongeAPI, evolves as the SpongeAPI evolves and shares the knowledge it gains from it.

You might understand, that there’s not much to see yet. But that’s also not the point. If there is anything you like to add or change, you’re invited to do so.

Take a look at the repo:

What do I have? I have

  • a non functioning build configuration and
  • a stub of code.

But what I want is

  • a practical workspace configuration including proper dependency management,
  • code that descriptively shows how to deal with the SpoutAPI,
  • proper documentation,
  • a place for people to share trails (tutorials) to cover specific aspects of the SpoutAPI and the Sample Project.

If you clicked the link to GitHub above, you already know what the Sample Project is. I intend to update the repo at least once per week. This does, of course, depend on the progress of SpoutAPI. If you want to help, you know what you can do: something :smile: Even if you just want to throw in your two cents and move along.

Have fun!

Maybe make a pull request:

It wouldn’t have a place there. The Sample Plugin would grow too big and will be changing constantly.

And for what purpose is the example package?

Lovely. Starred and keeping an eye on this.

Also, great to have you here, too :slight_smile: