[Theory] Sync Minecraft weather to local weather and many more ideas. IFTTT

Disclaimer: I am not a developer, I am just a person with ideas.

Idea 1 - Sync Minecraft Weather

Using IFTTT ( https://ifttt.com/recipes ), you could in theory synchronise your local weather to minecraft.
Using this recipe ( https://ifttt.com/recipes/292214-minecraft-sync ), if you could create a plugin to read from a Google Doc, then its possible (I dont know if thats possible or not).

Idea 2 - Our Base is being Raided/Turn house lights red.
Combining the idea of SMS and IFTTT.
Create a recipe that when you receive an email with a specified subject… i.e. RAID
The trigger Hue Lights to turn Red.

Edit: Found this ( http://www.everyhue.com/vanilla/discussion/421/minecraft-and-hue )

As you can see from implementing IFTTT and Minecraft, we can move outside the realms of blocks and synchronise with your home.

Ultimately, you could create a number of plugins using signs and this principle and sync your whole life.
Just imagine these signs:

[Make Coffee]
[Turn Heating Up]

Please share thoughts and criticisms below:

Minecraft… as a house management GUI?


While this is certainly interesting, a player would need to give your server access to their IFTTT setup which could possibly incur trust issues (I don’t want someone’s server glitching out and flashing the lights in my house). The weather sync is cool though, you could get the players to input location data to the server and the server could send weather client side to each player depending on their local weather.

Something like this is definitely do-able and could be really cool. The only issues I see is that most players don’t have IFTTT stuff setup and trust issues in general.

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@Necrodoom exactly. You wouldnt want to make it a public server, otherwise people could raid you and start making coffee and shit by messing with your signs.

@RobodudeMC Only the server owner would need to set up IFTTT and set up Gmail to take all the emails from each player and process them depending on the Subject. If your plugin sent the subject as something IFTTT would recognise and the Content as the playername ,perhaps you could command things on an individual level. Obviously you would have to auto-clear your inbox everyday to avoid it overflowing.

If you could pull it off, perhaps make a IFTTT plugin that supports other plugins, then it would be pretty powerful.


So I could toggle the rain in my neighbourhood with the /toggledownfall command? Awesome!


runs outside

“I. AM. OP!!!”




I have been thinking about creating a dynamic sky plugin for sponge in combination with forge, because you can already change the darkness and the rain strength of the sky. But also creating weather zones using noise maps, but also making it possible to replace the noise maps with real life maps would make it complete.

Moved to Plugin Requests, seeing as this is an idea, & that the author of the OP said

This looks like it would be better suited as a client mod, not something controlled by a remote server.

I heard of a mod that allows the in-game weather to be synced with IRL weather some time ago (Don’t know if it still exists).

Nice ideas though.