There was someone who offered security checks for servers here. Who was it?

A while back I remember there was a kind soul who said they were offering a service of trying to find exploits etc. on servers setups. After we started advertising ourselves on a server list, the server I help run got attacked by a bunch of spambots, so I figured we could use someone to help look into what we might do to make our server more secure (= enjoyable).

Whoever it was, I hope they’re still around.


How do spam bots relate to server security?


A good question. Actually, what prompted me to write this was noticing a severe vulnerability on one of our server’s plugins that could have been disastrous which I happened to find out soon after the attack, so those two things combined kind of got me on the edge (Plus banning over 30 people manually is laborious).


#Warden by LordLambda

Uhm thanks for the mention @ButterDev , but we’re far from a v1.0 release. (EDIT: See milestone.). Though we do plan to have support for this exact problem. If you want I can whip up some example code or something. Also if you need any security audting done I can do that. Only if you’d like of course.

I checked your project out earlier and it definitely looks like something we could use :slight_smile:
And yes, audit was the word I was looking for! We have our main server and a up-and-coming Bungee setup under testing, perhaps we could go into PM for more details?

I know :wink:

Sure feel free to PM me anytime (this goes to everyone. If I do something that you like/dont-like/just wanna chat. Hit me up :smile: I really like getting to know people). But yea I wouldn’t mind going into more details.

Do you know? :wink: