These 1.10.2 Plugins for Sponge

  • PermissionsEX
  • Essentials (Chat, Economy, Spawn etc)
  • Plugman
  • CoreProtect
  • World Edit
  • World Guard
  • ProjectKorra
  • JedCore
  • Quester
  • AuthMe
  • SkinsRestorer
  • floAuction
  • Clearlagg
  • MoveCraft
  • CraftBook
  • MonstersPlus
  • Zenchantments

There are more but I want to know if these core ones can be found.

Pex was created for sponge but is no longer maintained. However i think they did release one for 1.10.2.

Worldedit i think has been released and world guard is in development.

There are many like for like plugins that do the same sort of job as essentials, such as nucleus.

Movecraft doesn’t look like its being ported over however Ships is.

The rest i have got no clue about.

Here are the links of the plugins i am talking about

Pex: 🔑 PermissionsEx v2.0 [API 5]
Pex alternative: LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin
WorldEdit: WorldEdit for SpongeAPI
ASyncWorldEdit: ☑ FastAsyncWorldEdit
WorldGuard progress: GitHub - MinecraftPortCentral/WorldGuard at sponge
FoxGuard (world guard alternative): [API 6.x/7.x] FoxGuard - The flexible world protection solution
Nucleus: Nucleus: The Ultimate Essentials Plugin (MC 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2)
Ships: MoseMister / Ships

Some look promising but this only means it is not possible to make that switch any time soon and to have to change out all the essentials and movecraft nodes and files would be an incredible hassle

Edit: Thankyou for the ones you did find however.

If your thinking of just doing a quick swap between sponge and bukkit. Its not that simple. Some plugins that are on both bukkit and sponge are completely programmed differently when it comes to config files.

Take ships for instance. The bukkit version uses bukkits standard .yml format. That looks like the following

    Code: hello

While the sponge version of it uses JSON format. The exact same node value is like so

Example {
  Node {
    Code { "hello" }

So it will not be a simple swap. You will need to convert the files depending on the plugin.

And i dont think essentials nor movecraft will ever have a sponge version as they have both tried but not been updated in over a year

Essentials is dead. The developers have abandoned it on Bukkit, and they’ve largely endorsed Nucleus as it’s successor on Sponge platforms.

Luckperms, which runs on oodles of platforms including Spigot and Sponge, will let you import your permissions files from a range of different plugins, so at least that is easy. A lot of the older permissions in the file would be of no use with new Sponge plugins, but there are also some old ones - like WorldEdit, CraftBook and VoxelSniper around that work with sponge too. Configuration files would still need to be re-created.


So if you could explain it simply to me, how was it possible to have forge and bukkit back in 1.7 or is it because of the big changes that happened during the 1.8 update that also seemed to have stopped/slowed down mod makers?

I would be happy to use new plugins but all the ones listed are 100% essential for the server in question to function. They are the skeleton that hold everything else together. I believe there are still updates for EssentialsX being made and/or essentials is compatible with more recent versions still

Bukkit and forge working together using 1.7. That was done probably using Cauldron, that is a complete diffrent thing where it merged the two API’s (essentially the code plugins use) of forge and Bukkit together.

There were a lot of bugs in that and forge mods and bukkit plugins couldn’t talk to one and another easily.

Bukkits YAML format comes from Bukkit itself while JSON comes from Minecraft itself (minecraft added it i think around 1.7 time - before then it came from Forge).

The simplest way to describe it is that it takes a long time to “port” a plugin and even then it wont be exactly the same due to the nature of the change.

Adding more:

Plugman - Sponge’s /sponge plugins and subcommands are adequate for the ‘listing’ part, and as for the ‘reloading’ part, Sponge plugins cannot be dynamically loaded or unloaded, as they hook into core registration which can only be in the initialization. There’s an opt-in system for reloading plugins, though, whose behavior is defined by the plugin and which is triggered via /sponge plugins reload.
ProjectKorra is very much a subcommunity plugin, designed for roleplaying in one specific universe, so no equivalent has been made yet. You’re welcome to form a plugin request but if you do, try to write out specific features instead of just saying ‘make a clone of this plugin’.
floAuction - There’s Hassan’s ItemAuction, but it doesn’t go past 1.10.2.
ClearLagg - In fact one was moved to Ore not four hours ago.
CraftBook supports Sponge as well, you just need to download the Sponge version from EngineHub.

And however much EssentialsX is still being updated is not relevant to its functionality here. This is a completely different API with different structure, semantics, features, and use. One can port an idea, but it is much harder to directly port the code.

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I’d suggest that, rather than trying to completely re-create your existing Bukkit server, try an experiment with Sponge in parallel: set up a Sponge server with a bunch of plugins, and see how they compare. I’m not kidding when I say that some Sponge plugins are better than their bukkit equivalents - for example, GriefPrevention and Nucleus. You won’t get full feature parity with your existing server, but there many comparable plugins that are worth a look.

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Oh yeah as for the mod slow down.

During the 1.8 release, bukkit had the dmca takedown. Something that made it almost impossible to update bukkit.

This lead to many developers, like myself thinking Bukkit was dead and had to move on. Now i was lucky enough to see the rise of Sponge however I know a few people who just left the whole minecraft community.

I believe that some developers followed suit and left before sponge was even heard of. And other developers fear to program on bukkit due to the way they are updating bukkit … Well its in a grey area. And they don’t move to sponge because they either have not heard of it (I am doing my best to make people aware but a few of my bukkit fans dont know that sponge is a thing) or they think its too unstable considering how large minecraft is and the fact sponge has been in development for 2 years (thats quick). And the fact the beta sign on sponge might scare away some developers.

I do believe there will be a time where plugins are developed on a daily basis again, but not for a while as we need people to move to sponge before it can start