Things went missing when click them in inventory and press E button

Normally when I click an item in my inventory and then close it(Press E). The item should be throw out.
But if I add sponge into my modpack that item just went missing.

Is that a bug or I missed something? I tested a few times and pretty sure everything is fine without sponge.

Test envirement:
Windows10+MC1.12.2+Forge14.23.1.2555 or 2607+Sponge2865
with no mod and plugin

I am sorry i have no real solution to your problem and it is sad you got no reply before me either, but here is my experience so far.

I have nothing but trouble with Minecraft “1.12.2” together with Forge “” as no stable Sponge version for “API 7.0.0” exist yet and i do not think running Plugins compiled against Minecraft 1.10.x works even when the API is the SAME version, so many API versions and no plugins that use them for the correct mc versions, hopefully this will settle down when Sponge no longer is in Alpha, the “stable betas” are so far not stable, and then experimental are even worse, will probably take some time before we get a standard.

There have been a lot of bug-fixes added since the 7.0.0 release. Indeed, the latest version of SpongeForge (as of this writing) now requires Forge 2586. Try the latest API 7.1.0 build and see if it’s behaving - SpongeDownloads

Also, I’d recommend leaving the Experimental API 8 builds alone, unless you’re a developer.

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I rent a server on Nitrado and so far they only offer forge builds up to “2555” im sorry for hijacking the tread, second question is if it advisable running mods made for 7.0.0 on the new 7.1.0 branch?

Also thank you for the reply.

They should work OK, as changes in minor version imply there are no deprecated features or major changes. The Sponge Community Server runs the latest API 7.1.0 version of SpongeVanilla, along with a heap of plugins, and that seems to function properly. Try it and see (once you can get Forge updated).

I’ll also note that when I use SpongeForge I usually use the latest version of Forge with it (for that MC version), which generally works out OK. You don’t have to stick to the version it was built against (although it can help when reporting bugs).

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Thank you very much for the time to reply, now i will try that and then provide my crash log :slight_smile:

Sorry about reply so late. I thought I post the issue in wrong place so that no one saw it.
Just moment ago I tried the newest version of sponge and forge. It seems this issue has been fixed.
Thank you guys!