This blows my mind!

I have used a lot of forum software before but discourse is really surprising me :smiley:.
You may have noticed that the SSL is working, but not so good as it should be.

Well that is so because people use the old way of sharing pictures.

For discourse its actually very simple.

  1. Get your favorite screenshot tool. (even copy and pasting from explorer/nautilus works)
  2. Copy
  3. PASTE In your post.

Its the first time I have seen a forum software not using the c:\ url. Discourse just uploads the image and gives a direct link to it.

So :thumbsup: for discource :smiley:.


Weird, I’ve never seen this issue on the forums, I’ve only seen it on the issue tracker (which I can’t access unless I use http and not https)

This is pretty normal. People link pictures from insecure sources. I don’t know why it showed up red that day.

If you go here: What does your desktop look like? - #12 by GameplayJDK. It will become this color: .
So it is better to use copy and paste the image directly .

Sponge got the idea from’s website.

Source? Why do you always pretend to know more than the others? And honestly I wouldn’t care, discource is opensource and free. Everyone could download and install it on a server.

Lol, maybe because I do? Anyways, no point in making a big discussion about, why do you even care if I make a statement that is my own speculation :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm. Sponge Lead here. We didn’t get the idea from I’ve never even heard of that. I’m sure you’ll turn that around and try to make me look stupid because I don’t know some simple piece of information that you do.

We had several options for forum software. The idea we set off with on Sponge was to create a lot of new standards and new ideas. Everyone uses XenForo, or everyone uses “This”. We wanted to break the mold and someone mentioned that Discourse was an interesting thing and we could try it out and see if we liked it. I think initially it was @sk89q who had this idea. We tried it out, we liked it, we kept it. There is no real mystery here, and it doesn’t even matter where an idea came from.

There is no real point in speculating. If you don’t have a fact, don’t assert opinion as fact.

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sk89q participated in Pretty much every Bukkit developer knows about it (which I’m leads me to assuming that you aren’t a Bukkit developer?). It’s a Plugin competition that started last year, and they have a site and all with discourse. It certainly looks nice, so I can’t blame him for making that suggestion.

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That makes sense. Please use that type of explanation next time so you don’t have misunderstandings with people. There have been some issues lately and we can all work to clear those up before they get worse.

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That was… A wordier version of what I said? I don’t like being wordy but ok…

The main difference being that in the last post you explained your claim, as opposed to simply claiming with no source whatsoever. This is, in my opinion, a much better way of spreading information, and fits much better with the ideals of Discourse as well :wink:

I’d also argue that adding a sentence or two of explanation is not the same as being wordy, especially when making a claim!


I did not participate in and I know very little about it.

I suggested Discourse because I’ve been tracking it since it was first announced.


That’s interesting. I suggest you check up on your facts before you start making baseless accusations: Sponge,

It is an irrelevant and trivial discussion as to who “got the idea” first. I suppose that installing XenForo instead would make Sponge liable to accusations of copying Bukkit and/or Spigot? I don’t think so.

If it were pointless to discuss “who got the idea first,” please don’t continue to derail the topic.