💭 UltimateChat Universal Version (All APIs Compatible)


I can’t understand how to create prefixes. I use SImplePermissions. can someone help me?


[details=Summary]im getting this error

even after the chat fix in sponge (build 2236), im still getting error from ultimatechat

if it helps, here is my fml-server-latest.log


May I request a few features ?
Having a configurable first character to talk on a certain channel instead of typing a command.

e.g. :
<!Message> would be a global message
<Message> would be a local message (within X blocks range)
<*Message> would be a global trading message


Using UltimateChat-Sponge-1.7.2-b36 on spongeforge-1.10.2-2281-5.2.0-BETA-2401.jar for MC 1.10.2:

I can’t get /broadcast or /ubroad type commands to work. Client says that the commands don’t exist, but the config says that they are enabled. When I use ‘/ultimatechat:<tab_button>’, only the channel commands show as available.

Please advise. Thank you!


Also, it seems that everytime a CustomNPC tries to talk, uChat tries to pick up on it and gets a pretty messy error from it. Might I suggest having uChat ignore them?

Thanks again!


I do not understand why there seems to no support on Discord for this product. So much for “fast” support servicing it said on here… :frowning:


Will be added.

Have you tryed 1.7.3? (The latest version from Ore)

You mean this? https://discord.gg/u2vPgjs


@ManyetikPikachu I’m only saying this once:

You didn’t sign a contact, no one said fast means 5 minute wait time, no one is being paid to do anything here, you’re even ignoring the fact that this is all a personal project. I will put my foot down here that this thread is specifically for the support of the plugin, if you want to get support, then you can reply requesting support in the fashion that you see fit, but complaining about the speed at which you receive that support and holding high expectations is laughable at best in a modding community. Seriously, patience is required in open source or community projects such as this. If you are unwilling to have patience, then I’m kindly suggesting you exercise some patience.

As for the rest of the thread, let’s keep this back on track, shall we?


Hello there, I am trying to get UltimateChat to run in the following environment:

  • BungeeCord Server (Waterfall), Plugins UltimateChat-Bungee-1.7.3-b26.jar, BungeeTabListPlus-2.7.0.jar, SpongePls.jar
  • Forge/Sponge Server (1.11.2, forge 2393), spongeforge-1.11.2-2393-6.1.0-BETA-2511.jar, UltimateChat-Sponge-1.7.3-b67.jar, helpme-5.0.0-0.2.2.jar, SpongyCord-1.1.1.jar

UltimateChat is working on both Forge / Sponge Servers.

But I am trying to get cross server chat to work. The two channels admin and global I have set bungeecord=true. But there is no cross server chat.

Do I need anything else for that to work?
Is it normal, that UltimateChat doesn’t write any configs on the bungeecord server in the plugins folder or anywhere else?

Can you help me?

Also the next step will be to integrate Discord into this setup. Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading and hopefully giving me some hints.

Michael (aka BakermanLP)



the bungeecord funktion doesn’t work probertly, or not.
i try it but it seems no one can read this Server wide. And the plugin isn’t bungeecord compatible.


Please add support API 7.


Hi, UltimateChat blocks in a certain way the plugin projectworld, I don’t have access to /world command with it.

**Test configuration 1 : **

Result when typing /world :

Test configuration 2 :

Result when typing /world :

I get no error when booting nor warning message. My test server is running spongevanilla-1.11.2-6.1.0-BETA-17

Any idea why ?


I dont understand how to create tags , clan names next to the name etc, please help :smiley:


In our continuing effort to phase out the Plugin Releases category, this thread is being locked because the plugin is already listed on Ore.

Check it out: https://ore.spongepowered.org/FabioZumbi12/UltimateChat