💭 UltimateChat Universal Version (All APIs Compatible)

UltimateChat its a powerfull chat plugin to all your needs including Jedis, Discord bridge, chat protections and a lot of features!

Download from Ore: FabioZumbi12 / UltimateChat


Looks like a pretty interesting plugin, nice work!

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Thanks Hassan!

It’s a pleasure to have a comment from you on my plugin topic ^^

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can it support multiple custom tags though like nucleus does? where i can have like [Clan] [Owner] (community tag if in certain group) playername

@Khaoz I’ll be helping him add support for it, I need to make an update to my API to support one particular thing, but yes, I’ll study his plugin and ensure I can support him.

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Amazing plugin! Everything you want in a minecraft chat is here

thanks alot! the one thing nucleus never had was channel support. I’m glad you are going to work together to improve the chat for us. (:slight_smile:


It already support as many tags you want to add, by default comes with one tag for each think, but you can create one tag using the custom-tag as example, get the name and add to default-tag-builder or channel tag builder.

I really interesting in one PlaceHolderAPI plugin (i think you mentioned this). On configs i added this placeholders:

{chat_header}: Get the header of chat;
{chat_body}: Get the body of chat;
{chat_footer}: Get the footer of chat;
{chat_all}: Get all default formats;

This retrieves the tags from previous formats (like Nucleus formats). What i can get more from to show on tags with Nucleus API?

It’s currently not displaying the nickname and name color, and if you have all perms, your rank prefix is set to a random one on the list

The nickname its a problem where i will see with @dualspiral if i get from Nucleus API, because the key Keys.DISPLAY_NAME from Sponge is not givin us the changed name.

About prefix, you need to see your group prefix inherits/weights.

The prefix weights are set properly and are also shown properly on nucleus’ chat format though. I think it should take the user’s meta prefix first, if that doesn’t exist, it takes their biggest weighted group prefix.


You can get the NucleusMessageTokenService out of the Sponge service manager, then you’ll want this method:


You can get it out by calling service.applyToken("nucleus", "displayname", CommandSource).

The dependency is available on the readme file, use version 0.22.0-S5.1. If you would rather use JitPack, that’s possible too.

I still suggest that you have a fallback option where it just adds tags to the start of the chat message, rather than obliterating Nucleus’ (or other plugins) formatting completely. I might have a go at PRing that.

Does this mean that you won’t be adding channels to nucleus?

No, it doesn’t mean that. I just want to ensure other plugins can use the features Nucleus provides - the message token service is meant for all sorts of plugins, not just chat channel plugins!

Whenever I try to use uChat with flexible login, it won’t let me /login… Gives an unknown command error
Any ideas on how to fix that?

Maybe flexiblelogin is registering the alias /l for login, and uChat uses /l for local channel. You can remove the local channel of UChat to see if solves.

Anyway, paste the error log here if the error still.

Yes, that’s exactly what’s happening.
It would be very convenient to have an option to disable the /g /l command and only enable /ch g and /ch l
Do you think that is possible? And would that solve the problem?

On truth, the better way its flexible login add a option to disable the alias /l, like Authme do on Bukkit. You can change the alias to /loc on UChat, but will need to use /ch loc too.

I can’t get the prefixes/suffixes and playername colors to work. I’m using LuckPerms. If I disable UltimateChat then Nucleus will sort out the prefixes just fine so I’m pretty sure that they are correctly set up in permissions.

The configuration with LuckPerms can be too complicated because prefix/suffix inheritances. I cant help with LP configuration, but we have some users using with LP where can help you on our Discord: https://discord.gg/YWmGSHs