Thread navigation bar in header

I’m not sure how much you can customize this but I would like to see navigation in the header.
And yes, I know everyone is busy with more important stuff just a suggestion for the feature.

Currently at the homepage you have the bar with things like:
“Categories” | “Latest” | “New” | “Unread” | “Starred” | “Top”
But as soon as you go to a thread these navigation options are gone and you have to go back to home.
So after reading a thread it’s like almost always 2 clicks extra to find a new thread to read.
(With exception of related threads etc)

So it would be nice having just a few buttons in the fixed header to navigate.
It can even be a dropdown list so it doesn’t take too much space or small icons etc.
And then it would be nice if they have blue notification things etc as well.

Overall I just feel like navigation isn’t really efficient.


I’m the person who always has 2 tabs of the forums running, one for refreshing and one for click and responding. I understand what you’re saying, but to effectively make a header, we’d need an official banner image.

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Yeah it’s for the future when the site is made and the forums are integrated and stuff.

+1 It is annoying to go back to the main page to navigate …

Use your browser’s back button. If I was looking for new posts in “new” after reading a thread, hitting back brings me back to the list of new posts.

I agree - However, going back down take you back to the new page and refreshes it. However, you won’t be able to access the new posts page if you’ve gone further than the original thread you clicked.