Tick exceed 60 second!

Hello there I need help with my minecraft server? I am so confused… It was working fine and then all of the sudden it gives high “is the server overloaded?” and then sometimes even instantly crashes upon launching the server.batch file.

I’m not sure how to insert .txt files on here or save them as PNG/JPG on Windows 11

Best way to upload logs is use a site such as pastebin, gist, etc and then paste the link.

You shouldnt save anything that is text as images because text format is more useful as we can copy the text and paste it to suit a formatting style that works for us, it also saves you upload bandwidth and us download bandwidth sending as text.

But if you need to ever send a screenshot or something, the easiest way on Windows 11 is to search for a tool called “snip” (short for “snipping tool”).

Another way (and quicker way) is to press the “print screen” (on smaller keyboards its called “prt scr”) and then open a program such as " paint" and then paste, from there just save.

The latter works on any microsoft windows product dating back to windows 2000 (and probably even further) and while the execution is a little different, it also works on Linux and MacOS (assuming you have a keyboard where Apple havent taken the print screen key off it)

Here are the past bin links for both crash logs, I think they are the exact same though but I will provide both just in case.

They are not the same.

The problem with tick exception is that you can only guess at what is going wrong as it tells you everything thats going wrong at that second, so the thing that is going wrong may have been completed and moved on (therefore not showing in the error). With the second error, it just looks like minecraft itself has gone wrong.

However the first error did show this


Like i said before, may not be the error, but i would create a temporary server on your own machine and first see if you can replicate the error, if so remove that mod and then see if you can again. If you no longer can, you have found the issue giving you a.m better understanding of what to search for

That did in fact fix it, the ticks did stop going crazy after I removed that mod! Thank you so much!

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