Time to lose

Hello ! Someone has time to lose to teach me how to develop sponge plugins using Gradle on IntelliJ ?
I never used Java before, I’m completely new in there. (I still have some basics in development in general ^^’)

Oh yeah and, the most important thing : I’m french.

If you are proficient in a related language (ie C#) then you should have no problems figuring it out, if you don’t then you’ll want to spend some time learning Java first as Sponge is quite complex

Thanks for answering :stuck_out_tongue:
I know but I don’t want to watch tons of videos to learn Java, I need to have a real person that I can talk with.
I am familiar with programming logic (I don’t know if it’s very english ^^), so just some basics are enough for me, if I want to learn more, I’ll just do some research, but before I have to know few basics.