Timed potion effect on respawn for debuff api 5?

In my old server I remember there was a bukkit plugin or maybe an essentials pack that you could set a potion effect at respawn. I want to have players keep items on death, but have an annoying 5 minute effect.

Death should be a bummer, if there is no fear of death = pretty bland online world, especially when its adventure themed.

I have looked through plugins and mods to try to find a 1.10.2 (sponge 5.2) version of a respawn/grave thing with this feature. But I have come up short, so if this exists, I apologize.

edit- just realized I can use a command to add an effect. So a way to run a command at when a player spawns would work. Nucleus has kits, and command can be in a kit, but there is an option for first join kits, but not respawn kit.

The idea can go far as one wants to take it. It vary the length of the effect based on an economy type fee, and if you cant pay the fee you get a longer timer or an alternative set of not as bad debuffs or none at all.

We have soul fray from blood magic I could make longer, but being able to stack a weakness potion with some other pots would be way better (crappier)

Thanks for Your Time.

Well well n, now I find this

I thought i searched the word death and grave and respawn, but I missed this. Its api 4. Is sponge backwards compatible? I guess Ill try and find out.

edit-well there is a 5.0 version on the github. So I am all set


Sorry, the name is very inconvenient. I’ll change it, I didn’t realize it when I created the plugin. English is not my first language.

Maybe I am just an insensitive american, but the name is fine. Its a great plugin!

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