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Newegg has ones up to 1.5TB of Ram.

What…? For only 800 bucks? Well, I obviously missed something…

(Well I know what my next gaming [super-]computer is going to have… :wink: (I wish))

This is a server motherboard, meaning not really suited for games.

I know, I was being sarcastic(Notice wink emoji). It’s hard to tell through text.

:stuck_out_tongue: guess so

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I think you’re confused. 4 GHz often requires liquid nitrogen to run without overheating. 32 would… no.
Those ridiculous specs and straight false information lead me to believe you’re lying to make yourself look impressive.

Anyway, my primary server is a humble 2 GB RAM, 50 GB HDD, I-forget-the-processor-but-not-impressive OVH VPS - running Debian.
My secondary server is a home hosted 6 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD, Intel i3 @ 3.3GHz - Windows 7.

I think he means 32.4GHz because there are twelve cores at 2.7GHz, which altogether equals 32.4GHz.

And there are a bunch of AMD processors that run 4GHz+ stock. The world record is 8.2 I think.

Edit: Also the thread asks what your server runs on, doesn’t mean its a Minecraft Server…

In that case his information might be correct, but he simply has no comprehension of what CPU speed units mean… you can’t just add them together. In fact, you can’t post them for comparison. There’s no official unit for a processor’s speed, there’s only unofficial tests you can run that will attempt to calculate things like floating-operations-per-second which can be used as a comparison. Processor comparison only works if you’re familiar with the models given (as comparing processors by model is the easiest and most sense-making).

I run my gaming computer at 4GHz with a Corsair H60 just fine…

I might be basing my post on information > 5 years old. Change ‘4’ to ‘5’ or ‘8’ or whatever you please as a more current number. The point is, it’s a number well below 30.

AMD FX-8350 if I’m not mistaken runs at 4GHz stock, 4.2GHz “turbo” on air.

The FX-9590 runs 4.7GHz stock.

Fair enough… :open_hands: :wink:

And with the logic from an earlier post… Total speed of a single processor would be 37.6 GHz

5GHz is currently AMD’s slandered on 8 core processors, they come with a slandered heat sink and fan.


lel overclock to 6GHz

It’s unlocked, so you could put some standard liquid cooling in it and would likely work. (like honestly)

Do you happen to mean standard instead of stranded, since stranded to me means being stuck somewhere with no viable way of getting out…

On a side note that thing must get reaaal hot, maybe hot enough to make scrambled eggs! Dual function i tell you, they should patent that :smiley:

Thankyou, Google chrome spell check for the win!

And no, it really must not produce that much heat to use only a heat sink and fan.

It might if being artificially placed under a constant heavy load