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used to Run on 20 GIG ram
hdd of 1.2 terrabyte
sdd NO
CPU we had 2 intel xeon running on 3.41 or something.

Qty 2 - Quad Xeon 2.6Ghz, 32Gb Memory dedicated to MC. Perc 6 Raid 5 SAS Drives. Unlimited storage. Ubuntu Server 64 bIT OS nogui. eBAY - 450.00 HAHA :smile:

Since 1 month I have this server and i like it :smile: (never had a Ded. before so :smiley:)
RAM: 16 GB
SSD: 3x 120GB
CPU: 4 × 3.20GHz (Intel Xeon E3 1225v2)

Qty: 2
Ram: 32G x 2
HDD: –
SSD: 4 x 120G
CPU: (4 x 3.4 Ghz) x 2
Linux - Ubuntu 64 bit

I run my MC worlds on top of my PLEX mediaserver.

RAM: 8 GB of PNY XLR8 (4 dedicated to minecraft; upgrading to 16 soon)
HDD: 8 TB of WD:RE in RAID 10 (Storage)
SSD: 1 x 240GB (OS)
CPU: 4 x 3.8GHz (FX-4300)
OS: Headless Ubuntu 14.4 with Webmin and MineOS.

Hmmm, Well the server I help maintaining has these specs:
RAM: 64GB / avg use 46Gib
CPU: E5-1620VCµ2 @ 3.7Ghz / avg load: 80%
SSD: 3*128GB
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 (ya I didn’t choose this one) (And we aren’t even allowed to make money from it according the licence but sssttt)

And how much do they all cost? 0.0

I only have a VServer with
RAM: 5 GB (3 for Minecraft)
CPU: Intel Xeon E5620, 1 core, 2.4 GHz (avg. load: 17%)
SSD: –
HDD: 20 GB (15 GB free)
OS: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS Server, 64bit
Unlimited traffic
Cost: 60€/year

RAM: 32GB, 8GB on one minecraft server, 4GB for second server, 4GB on modpack server
SSD: 3 x 120GB, 1 for system, two in raid 1 for /home
CPU: 4 cores, 8 threads @ 3.40GHz; Intel Xeon E3 1245v2)
OS: CentOS 6.5 “Final”

Edit: Second server

CPU: 4c/4t 3.1GHz
OS: CentOS 7

I personally like 2012 R2. ducks

Super small modded server for me and my friends (8 people):
HDD: 3TB (But who even needs that much?)
SSD: I could use one, but i prefer not to use SSDs for servers.
CPU: Intel i7 3770k 4 Core + Hyper Threading (So 8 cores). It is clocked between 2.5GHz and 4.5GHz. My motherboard auto clocks it depending on load. Average load is 1-2%
OS: Windows 8 Ultimate

Edit: Changed Hyper-V to Hyper Threading

Quite sure Hyper V is a windows server virtualization technology, I believe what you’re thinking of is HyperThreading or H/T

i run mine on:
*insert drum roll here*
*insert drum roll here*
*insert drum roll here*


Those are the best specs I’ve ever seen!!!

I run mine on my laptop for myself and approx 12 other people. Was heavily modded until I cut it back some.

GPU: GeForce GTX 860M w/4 GB dedicated
CPU: Intel i7-4710HQ @ 2.50GHz
RAM 8 GB (server usually has 4 GB allocated.)
OS: Windows 8.1

Ram: 64G
HDD: 2X2 TB (RAID 1)
SSD: NO :frowning:
CPU: 4C/8T Xeon 1620V2 3.7 GHZ
Linux - Ubuntu Server 64 bit

15 Servers on BungeeCords Network
Semi-Rp - Freebuild - Creative - PVP Faction - Survival - HungerGames - TheBridges - Prison - Hub …

I’m sorry for cussing, but DAMN.

Yes, you are right. Since I have been using a lot of simulators/emulators for various things involving Hyper V I mixed the 2 up.

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Custom version? 256GB ram? What? Why did you make a custom version?

Where do you even get a motherboard that runs 256GB ram? And what speed is the ram?

And what do you use 80TB for?

Terabytes of generated text files of Spam®? (That’s the only thing I can think of for a Minecraft Server…)





O wait! Nevermind, I see what you did there…

The speed isn’t necessarily 32.4GHz of a single processor, it’s just the sum of the processing speed of all the cores (Which are essentially separate CPUs stacked on top of each other) combined.

RAM: 3GB + a whole swap disk (on different connection from, not slave to, the main disk) of 80 GB (on IDE, but still)
SSD: IDE too old for SSD
CPU: pentium 2.2GHz
OS: The “Core only” version of tinycore ~ most versions are around 8Mb so as to not use much space

They were piece of crap boxes my school was throwing out, I got 5 of them for free, and one of them now runs my server, on my schools internet. ( free sever hosting for the win! :slight_smile: