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Thanks for contributing! This project seems likes the bee’s knees.

ooh, you can get full skin too eh?


Nice job sheep!


Awesome! Just what I needed.

I’ve reimplemented my NPC skin search page ( http://mcmonkey.org/denizen/skin/npc ) to use crafatar as the basis for the skin images.

Now I just need a better quality list of usernames to steal from (currently automatically downloading all pages in mcskinsearch and analyzing for skin names, which is a ridiculous process.)

Thanks for this :D


Disregard, Just found


Idea: Include “Hats”? I believe they’re called. Click the two links below and Zoidbergs mouth is missing on yours.
My avatar on your website: Link
My avatar on a similar website: Link


Just add the ?helm parameter! Like this!


Wow, looks great! Thanks a lot! I like what you have been doing with your version of the sponge website? @Jake0oo0


Is that a question? :question: I think we’re focusing more on this, we’ll see if there’s any need to change anything on that site in the future.


I like that there is support for displaying a “default” when handling null entries.


UNLIKE Minotaur, it works with 1.8! Yay!


As soon as I’m Home, this will be implemened into my Plugin: “http://crafatar.com/avatars/” + e.getPlayer().gwtUniqueId().toString() + “?size=8&helm&default=steve”


Looks like we’re serving around 1,000 UUID/Usernames cached right now, and still fast as ever! :smile:

EDIT: We also have a new feature coming soon, stay tuned!


We’re about ready to release a new feature for Crafatar, 3 dimensional renders! They currently look like this:

The problem however, as you can probably see, is the white lines on the head, shoulders, and torso. Unfortunately, after literally days of trying to correct this, we’ve been unable to make it 100% perfect at all resolutions. At this point, we’re not sure whether or not we should go ahead and release them.

Do you think that we should go ahead and release this anyway, and possibly improve upon it in the future?

Do you have any other solution to this problem?

We’re currently using node-canvas, based off a similar client-side project here.


Go ahead & release it.

Cravatar - Minecraft Avatars – simplified

This is really cool! Keep up the great work!

  • BigAl512


This really is looking amazing. Continue working on this awesome stuff guys! Absolutely love it!


I’d like to congratulate you on this project, it’s just awesome! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Thanks for the support guys, it keeps us motivated to work on this project! :slight_smile:


After a long delay, we’ve released a major update to Crafatar. We’re now running on our own server thanks to Akliz, but also with new changes. We have added endpoints for capes, internal code updates, along with a rewrite of our rendering system, which made the renders look a LOT better!

Hopefully you guys will find the new features useful :smile:


Indeed. I am planning on writing a Vanilla plugin which utilizes Craftar in a few ways. :smile: