TitleBroadcaster —— A title based broadcast plugin[API 7]

This is my first Sponge plugin, I hope everyone enjoys it!
this plugin intends to send Messages using TITLE, this maybe annoying, but certainly it’s useful sometimes.

Built On SpongeAPI 7.0
I don’t know whether it works on API5/6, you may test on your own

View the source at My Github or download under Release

/tb [message] -Send Title Message
/tb reload - reload plugin configuration

titlebroadcaster.use - Permission to Send Title Message
titlebroadcaster.reload - Permission to Reload Plugin

Show Case


Newer Version Released, Now Supprt Format Code and Space Character
download under Release

Great start at making plugins!

If you’d like to support PlaceholderAPI and need help, hmu

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Newer Version Released
download under Release
Add Config File, you can now edit subtitle message on you own
Add support to placeholders like {player_name} and {player_displayname}
Add Reload command
permission node change
–titlebroadcaster.use - Permission to send title message
–titlebroadcaster.reload - Permission to reload plugin
!Fully Tested on SpongeForge 7.1.0 !
!You may figure out whether plugin works on API5/6 by yourself !

I confirm that it works on 1.10.2

In our continuing effort to phase out the Plugin Releases category, this thread is being locked because the plugin is already listed on Ore.

Check it out: Nipo / Title Broadcaster