TL;DR of the Mojang buyout

TL;DR of the buyout from Microsoft buys Mojang on the orders of Sir @tebbenjo IV

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OMG a proper API!

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“M$ isn’t going to waste a crap ton of money by screwing this up.”

Make sense?

Much similarly to Windows, Minecraft will be great with one update then bad the next update, so on.


How’s that different from Mojang’s updates?

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I’m expecting to see Windows Metro in Minecraft. Even maybe the crafting inv made with Metro UI, Cmode, and the main menus…

(tis’ all joke btw ^)

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Here is Microsoft’s response on the buyout:


So basicly MC bought minecraft for XBOX and their going to listen to us??? Wow !

I was surprised too, it seems they are going to try to do their best in keeping the game community oriented and also using it to help “better” their company(Microsoft) by opening up to the community.

You can’t prove this…

Mind telling me why people keep flagging this?

Most likely because the gist of what happened is this:

Minecraft is owned by Microsoft. Plain and simple.

There is no reason to continue the roundabout complaints and comments about it, or about how people are reacting to it.

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The whole point of the post was to tl;dr it for people :expressionless:

I understand that, but the post doesn’t do that. Its thinly veiled mockery of what has happened so far. I don’t necessarily disagree, in fact the entire response to what has happened makes me laugh, but it was far from professional. Not to mention in this situation a TL;DR shouldn’t be necessary. Actually, let me put this out in the open:

If you can’t read the relevant press release, news post, current status, FAQ, etc. in its entirety, you have no right to comment on it. TL;DR’s are a waste of space, and by definition insulting to those who spent their time and effort to write up the aforementioned document.

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I know I was directing more as a joke.

Come on folks! the whole point of this topic was so the well spammed other one could be removed and this one could sum up everything without being diluted by spam. (as ma moma might say: “If you can’t keep the nice things nice then you can’t use 'em; plain and simple”, listen to my mother people!)

On a side note: with all these creepy emojicons, there really should be one of my mother waging a reproachful finger.


O, didn’t sound like one. Just trying to keep the haters away :speak_no_evil:

Yah I know how you feel. I am actually very excited to see a large company like Microsoft who has the developers and resources to keep up with such as large community. I think it could open new doors so long as they keep with the community driven development, much like Mojang has been doing.

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I totally agree :exclamation: Mojang was sold because Microsoft has the resources to keep up with a community like Mojang’s and has to ability to greatly improve it.

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