TNT duping broken?

I’m using SpongeForge on my small private server, and it seems to have broken TNT duping. Is there a setting in the config to reenable it like Paper has, or am I SOL?

I’m not aware of what TNT duping looks like or how it’s prevented on our end. It’s very well possible that Forge itself fixes it, or Sponge’s Tracker does as a byproduct of doing its thing. I’m assuming for 1.12? You could possibly make an issue on Sponge for 1.12 and someone might be willing to investigate in “enabling” the dupe, but it’s not likely to come from official developers as we’re focused on 1.16 update.

I would assume that it’s the tracker doing it, as the only thing I changed between being able to TNT dupe and not being able to was toggling Sponge on and off. Thanks anyway, I might switch to Spigot or Paper then, as one (or both) of them provide a config option to reenable TNT duping. Good luck with the 1.16 update!

This must be the first time in the history of Minecraft that a server owner is bothered by the INABILITY of his players to produce infinite quantities of TNT through glitching…