Tnt recipie change

Hi i want to change tnt recipie , i have forge 2387 1.12 + sponge. Anyone can help me how ot do it ? I want to replace the old recipie with the new one. AND PUT IT ON THE SERVER.

I personally recommend using something like CraftTweaker which is a Forge Mod. It allows you to add/remove/modify recipes etc…
Also this doesn’t seem like the correct place to post this question.

Bukkit had the ability to change crafting recipe. So I would say it was the correct place to post.

As far as I know there isn’t a plugin that does this for sponge. Nor do I think the CraftingResultEvent is firing… Nor can you work with the CraftingInventory.

So currently not possible in sponge but it is planned. I may also be wrong about the paragraph above and all of it is working and there is a plugin

You are in fact wrong. API 7 has a full and functional recipe API.

When I had originally replied it was in the Devs Wanted section

Ah ok. Didn’t know that

so it isnt possible to change it in game config or something ?

Currently not in sponge. However forge will and bukkit will

Disagree. The Mojang recipe changes were only partially implemented for 1.12 at the moment it is not possible to change recipes without modding, whether that be sponge, forge, bukkit or jar modding…

1.13 should bring the promised 1.12 recipe changes in The Technical Update.

Since you are running forge, you can put CraftTweaker on your server. You can add/remove/change crafting recipes with a super easy script. I would suggest using Atom for it (and add the minecraft resource packages to atom), but any text editor would work. You can go on yt to find vids to get started on it.

Only problem with CraftTweaker is that it needs to be client side too, so unless they have a custom modpack for their server, it isn’t a viable option (Which is why all my servers uses custom modpacks, CraftTweaker is amazing).

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May i ask the exact name for the minecraft atom package, i have used atom forever and never knew about this.

(Sorry for no hyperlink, am on mobile)

You are fine is it just the first one?

Tbh I’ve forgotten which one I added, but I think the first 3 are ok. But unsure.