Token System That works with Virtualchest Cost/etc [Completed]


Experienced Pixelmon Server owner thats been around for a fair amount of time. Just seeking some help

Work Needed

I’m currently looking for a Virtualchest addon of sorts for a Secondary Currency system like Spigots PlayerPoints plugin that works with virtualchest for buying/selling stuff. aswell as placeholder api support for like %playerpoints% or something. With Mysql Database or H2 Database support.


$20-$30 but can be negotiated.


Plugin ofcourse would belong to me; I’d like to be given a copy of the source just incase I need to get it updated and am unable to contact you for fixes if you’re out of town or whatever. I’d prefer it to be close source though but the developer and I can have a talk about releasing it or not after its been made because it could be very beneficial for other server owners too and I’m not really a shallow or greedy person like other server owners.