Too many pinned topics?

Just wanted to voice that I think that the front page has too many pinned topics. One or at most two is okay, but more than that (even two topics sometimes) is just clutter. I’m not saying that the topics shouldn’t be read by people, but these old topics eat up the page. Just saying.

you can click on the little pin and it will collapse them for you. and I think there’s a way to unpin them for yourself, but I haven’t played around with it.

Thanks. I also mean to post this because new users might be daunted by the appearance of heavy evil moderation due to the pinned topics.

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Most of the pinned topics are necessary/relevant but they do have a few old announcements still pined, and their removal would be appreciated. Ie. currently the Oct. 10 and Oct. 18 announcements are still pined

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I understand why Oct. 10 should be unpinned, but Oct. 18 is still relevant as it is the latest news.

Yes, that’s what I meant, I listed both to show that we had 2 pined at one time.