Too much server spam

I keep seeing people posting their servers now that the “server” tag, It makes a lot of servers advertising. I thing it should be removed until at least sponge comes out, or hide it from the default tab.(Right now Latest)


I agree, the tag is a cool thing, but people see it as an advertising permission.

Preferences -> Muted

I agree with you, posts from the server section should not show up, like off-topic posts

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The server section should show up, because it could be used for server-problems…
But it shouldn’t be used for advertising…

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I deleted my server post. Sorry guys!

First off you can’t… @Phaze_One

Well back to the topic. I think it is a good idea to remove the ‘Servers’ tab completely. I hate people ‘spamming’ there server all over the forums. I think Sponge should be a professional community and not all of those people who only come here to advertise. Use MCF/PMC for that.

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Disallowing server advertisements != removing the server tag.
Need help with errors on your server? = use the server tag.

Simple as that.

I understand that the ‘Servers’ tab isn’t only used for advertisements but atleast block the servertab from ‘Latest’ or make a subforum allocated to Advertisments.

This. Or disallow those.

Although your advertisement wasn’t a shitpost one like the [3 years] server or whatever, that is being hypocritical haha.

Just gonna put my opinion up here, but I think the servers sub-forum should be limited to just showing off things you do on the server or be used as a place for help on how to fix your server. As long as a post doesn’t have a server ip in it, it should be fine. (Of course I’m going to make an exception for @MrMysteri0us because his server is for the sponge community, and it should be fine till we get something more official, if ever.)

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I know… but well, I guess I started this server posting spree…

Thanks for the exception. <3

np m8 <3

its pretty fun (despite the fact i cant play normally there) XD

Well, you pretty much use my server like an IRC client with a nice background. :slight_smile:

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Nah, it’s not your fault. It’s the fault of the people who felt it necessary to potentially ruin the forums with their generic pay-to-win servers. Let’s hope that server posting can still be done, but with strict submission rules (such as allowing criticism, having guidelines for how the title is to be formatted, format for the submission body e.g. copy-pasted format to follow and images should be shown as links, not displayed on the page).

Here’s something we can follow: (spongeForums != (PMC | otherServerLists))


All that really needs to happen is make it so that threads in the servers category don’t show up on the latest page, just like how threads in the “Off Topic” category don’t show up.

well I am glad everyone agrees with me.

I think having a special place on the forum that’s easy to find for server ads is best. People will always post servers, even if it’s against the rules - if there’s an easy place for them to post them, then it’s easy for those of us not interested to ignore them, and less work for moderators to police.

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