Too Much Stock [Feedback wanted]

Hello, a few players on my discord discussed a plugin to prevent the server economy getting out of hand. While this is probably a balancing problem at it’s core, balancing is hard and such a plugin could help.

I drafted some systems and would like to get some input on this.

The basic concept is to limit the amount of money and items per item/player/shop as well as introducing dynamic prices that reflect supply/demand with the discrepancy to the original price decaying over time. This way shop plugins can still add items with a static base price, but fetch a dynamic price for the shop/player.

Edit: I’ll write up an example config and put that on the git soon


Will this just plug into base econ plugins like econ lite and such, or will it be able to be hooked into things like pixelmon’s shopkeepers, etc.?

As most shop plugins store prices internally (probably with a mapping item->price) and there’s no item price api (this probably wouldn’t be desirable or super useful anyways) i can’t make this work automatically with other plugins. Even if I used mixins there’s no point in an economy transaction that specifies why money gets moved around.
This means that the shop plugins will have to actively integrate with this api, preferably in a way that makes ‘Too Much Stock’ optional.

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Most of the system is now implemented and the config should parse as well now.
The next steps would be to write configs back to disc and to implement a command structure to make usage more convenient. After I’m done with that I’ll have to save and load the states in case of server crashes/restarts.

There’s now an example config in the git repo for anyone curious.

I don’t know if it can be a good feature and is to add a new type of store (black market) in which YES you can sell things, whenever you want but at 75% cheaper (set desired ratio)

This would be up to the shop plugin, as again Too-Much-Stock does not actually know item prices - it just tracks demand and supply.
I’m pretty sure you can create cheaper shops with pretty much any shop plugin.

If you meant that black market shops should ignore demand and supply, this could be easily done by not using this API for those shops.