Top Priority?


Just want to get an idea of what people think really make up the core of a minecraft server’s plugin list, so that authors know what they should get started porting immediately, and for new users to figure out what’s still ripe for the codin’.

Be it antigrief, rollback, protection, fun, helpful, anything, I’m sure people are gonna want to get started right away!

Personally, I think that permissions and protection are far more important than the ability to rollback. Be preventative in a smart way. Don’t undo something that could have been prevented.

These are top priority to me. Then we can add the neat little features like Essentials and other awesome plugins have.


sage nod

Even I’m the first to tell people to use Prism as a last resort. Protect the stuff properly to begin with.


I absolutely love prism. Best rollback/protection plugin.


Thanks! Before bukkit kicked the bucket, I had a proof-of-concept version with MongoDB support. It was blazing fast. The new prism will contain the same abstacted db system, so that Mongo (and others) are still possible choices.

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That will be great! And now we won’t need a custom version for Cauldron, because this is like its spiritual successor (and that of several projects). So it should be able to support everything out of the box!



I’m expecting a lot of the old bukkit plugin developers to just re-build their plugins for sponge. After all, where else are they going to move?

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Oh I’m sure.

As somebody that’s stuck in the middle ground between a development position on several servers, and an aspiring publicly-releasing author as well, the post is partly for my own good too :3

I’m expecting a lot of them to figure it’s not worth it and give up. It takes so much more energy to properly maintain plugins than anyone expects. If the plugin is popular, there’s a lot better chance that someone will port it.

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Maintain multiple builds was a pain in the ass, and I credit blood for all his help on tweaking mcpc/cauldron to better support Prism.


Yeah @blood helped a ton of people with that.

There’s also the small plugins being an issue.
And anyway, for all of the big open source plugins (the ones that you are talking about), I’m sure everybody will start working on it, although the normal developers will still keep it up. For closed source ones though, well, they’re screwed.

The important:

  • Economy
  • Permission System
  • Land protection with chest, door protection
  • Vault which hook economy and perm systems
  • Essentials functions
  • Multiworld support
  • Login system to offline servers
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Almost all survival servers have these:

  • Economy
  • General (warps, homes, etc.)
  • Permissions/Groups
  • Land protection
  • Backups

As I said in another thread, I’m waiting to see what the Sponge dev’s roadmap looks like and if the API is going to have a permission system built in. If not I will most likely be tossing my hat into that ring to provide a community API to use.



Besides that, I really hope there is some sort of, in addition to a RegisteredServiceProvider-like implementation, a built-in Vault-esque abstracted API for managing all that directly inside Sponge.

I always find the basics to be permissions, essentials (or similar. Need that /home and /warp), protection, rollback, and then the fun/goodies come after

Shocked that no one has said Factions yet.

I think that permissions/region/banning plugins should be top priority.