Topics with new posts

Trying to get a list of the topics that have unread/recent posts in them. So far I’ve been using the “Latest” category but that also lists the topics I’ve already read, which is slightly confusing.

The “New” category seems to only display new topics, not when they have new posts. And “Unread” doesn’t seem to be the right category I’m looking for either.

Haaalp mehhh.

Try tracking every topic and category you’re interested in, then they will show up on the Unread tab. (Tracking every category will make you track new topics in it.)

(there really needs to be a UI indication that the view is filtered…)

(whee realtime edits) (are fun)

Isn’t that exactly what bothers him? As I understood his issue, he wants to track all the new posts too.

Yeah, even if tracking makes topics with new posts show up I think it would do that in the Unread category. Don’t want the entire forum to clog up that category as it already displays topics I gotta read (topics which I posted in with new posts).

First time I’m using Discourse. I think it’s not too bad, pretty good even once you get used to it. Would be nice to have a list for topics with new posts though as that’s how I normally read through any other forum.