Total Economy - All in one economy plugin for Minecraft/Sponge


How do you do the currency exchange? Im trying to do it between two currencies but there is no documentation on the wiki.


There is no current way to exchange currencies from within game.


Would anyone happen to have a custom jobsets.conf I could look at?
Using this with a modpack and would love to add in all the different ores and such but wasn’t quite understanding the placement of custom things.


I got a SQL syntax error when using TotalEconomy with GriefPrevention. My server crashes whenever GriefPrevention applying a claim tax, .

I created an issue on GitHub and made a PR to fix it, please check my PR.


pull request


“not permitted to join job”

This is what my members get every time they try joining any job whatsoever. I gave them all the job commands, and even tried job.* as well. Absolutely nothing works.

In b4 “that’s not the whole command” obv. I shortened it.


Try using Luckperms in verbose mode. It then tells you what permission checks are being made (and which succeed) so you can easily track the absent permissions (and add them to groups as appropriate).


It’s not job.*, it’s totaleconomy.command.job

This may help:


.* is not recognized syntax in the Sponge permissions system. The permission will give,, etc.


How do i set this up in console.using luckperms and cant quite use the commands until i set this up.


run the command /lp verbose on
then run the commands for Total Economy you are trying to allow players to use and it will show you what the corresponding permission is.

from there you add it to luckperms using the usual method of
/lp group default permission set %WHATEVER.COMMAND.IS% true


How can we translate the plugin by conf files ? I mean, we can’t translate some words, like

“Jobs available: …”

Etc etc


If you can, make an issue on the GitHub page making note of the words/phrases that need translations. Thanks.


@Asura_Takun I was having the same problem and as much as I don’t like referring something else there is already a sidemod called pixelmoney to pay players for beating and catching pokemon



How can I change the configuration files to increase the rewards at each rank up? To force players to farm