TPS loss problems with spongeforge

Hi, Im new here, so I dont fully understand how this works but I have the timings sponge gives here: Aikar's Timings Viewer

I am running a medium server with 40 people, and with a few mods, I followed so many guides to optimize but I still have this numbers, so if anyone could help me I would be so gratefull.

For more info: The server is a vps with 8 of the 16 cores of an AMD EPYC 7282 and 30Gb of ram

If its needed i can give the settings file of every mod/plugin and server

It looks like your players are generating chunks. Pre-generating the world (within a world border) can remove a lot of the lag associated with that. There is also an optimisation guide made by a third party you might make use of, which has a Pixelmon focus. Performance Guide

That’s strange I pregenerated all the area before they started playing, I would try that and keep updating if thats the problems Thanks!

I followed that guide as well yesterday but still got tons of lag

Now I have this timigns, its looks ok, but TPS loss still spikes up so much

And now this timings

Lag spikes happening every 2.5 minutes looks like something going on with world saving; is a mod or plugin handling that?
Overall, most of the lag is Entiity tick. You have 20,000 tile entities loaded - and with 49 players online, that’s about the sort of thing you should expect. There’s only so much plugins can do; when there’s a big player count on a modded server, the impact can be huge. If you really need to drill down into causes, you could try using Spark profiler.

Not at all, Sponge saves the world every 5 minutes, and pixelmon is saving the world every 60 seconds, so I dont know what would be doing that

I installed Spark only to see whats going on, thanks a lot for the help

I will keep updating with more info