TrainCarts for Sponge

Hello! My first post on this forum.

Can someone port TrainCarts, a Bukkit plugin who implements not only cartlinking but also improved physics for linked carts (trains) and a sign system to allow routing and easy creation of stations?

Here is the plugin homepage on spigot and here is its github repository (the original requires BKCommonLib). Also here is the wiki of the plugin describing what its capable to do.

I’m currently using TrainCarts in a 1.12 hybrid server (Forge + Spigot), but this means i have several issues due to understandable incompatibilities between both ecosystems. Since Sponge have an officially maintained fork for Forge (SpongeForge) a native build of TC for Sponge would perform better with Forge than in hybrid servers. Plus the possibility to run Sponge in singleplayer, without the need to run a dedicated server in parallel would be a huge draw for me.

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