Translation hosting progress (and updated transifex strings!)

With this commit, stage 1 of the great journey to publishing translations is nearly complete. Essentially, new strings will now be pushed automatically to transifex in order to be translated. The first new update was initiated just today, so the latest versions of the docs are all on transifex.

Since this hasn’t been done in a while(2-3 months), there’s a lot of strings to translate, and I apologize for that. However, past this point pushes to transifex will be regular(every time a commit happens to the main repository), so that new strings will be spread out over time.

The final part of the first stage is to set up the automatic travis building(waiting on one of the github owners to set that up). After that, I can move to the second stage and actually build the docs per-language on RTD.

Great job so far translators, and hopefully we can see your amazing work on display soon!

EDIT: The first build triggered by a push just passed and updated the translations! Booyah!


Holy moly… I got about 20 emails from transifex last night. :blush:

Thanks for the automated build process!