Tried to make a server with custom mod pack and it keeps opening as a vanilla server

I have put all mods/plugins in the mods folder in the server folder, i have also given it 8gb of ram, adn 2 for startup. Whenever i try and let it generate a world by its self it doesn’t use biomes O’ plenty and it makes it vanilla, so we cant craft any modded items, i tried making my own world, named it “world” and tried copy pasting it, but that also didn’t work, and these are part of the logs of me loading the copy pasted world. - #1 paste tool since 2002!

can someone help? i dont really know what im doing, first time setting up a modded server

edit: realized thatt i pasted too much, putting a new link

edit: new link: [17:48:52] [Server thread/INFO]: Starting minecraft server version 1.10.2[17:4 -

To make a Biomes-o-plenty world with Forge (or SpongeForge), you need to make sure that the Level-type is BIOMESOP in the, iirc. You seem to be using MC 1.10.2, so make sure you use versions of Forge and SpongeForge for that MC version (it’s Sponge API 5).

Are you sure you’re running the Forge jar instead of the Minecraft jar?

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