Trouble Updating to Latest Sponge Version

I created a server back in beta which had been abandoned for several years and I want to start it up again. I would like to update to the latest sponge version but I’m not sure how to do it and was unable to find any docs explaining the process. Its a sponge-forge server.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Its actually very simple to update, just like a regular forge mod. Just replace the sponge file with the new one in most cases.

However you have come from beta (what beta I don’t know) meaning your forge version will probably be out of date (meaning your mods probably will be too) and maybe your plugins (depends what you mean by beta). So you will need to update everything by replacing the file with the updated version

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Thanks. That clarified what I was doing wrong. I wasn’t updating the forge file properly. Everything was out of date, but is working great now.

I am getting this funny warning message in console on startup though. I’m being told that my forge and sponge versions do not match although the same version number is displayed for both in the same message. It doesnt appear to be causing me any problems.

Im also being told that theres no english translation avaiable. Im running v1.12.2 and my understanding was that this has been corrected. Again not really an issue.

Thanks again for your help and getting back to me so quickly! Now its time to get this server up and running again. Sponge has come a long way since beta, time to go plugin shopping!

Yeah those two issues are not to worry about. Glad I could help