Trouble with account preferences

I’m running into trouble changing a few things in my account prefences.

  1. When I created my account, I was unable to add an underscore to the end of my username. My Minecraft username is Kepler_. Is there any way I can have my username here changed?

  2. I can’t find a way to add my Minecraft IGN (Kepler_), and my GitHub username (BenWoodworth) to my profile.

  3. I would like to change my email, but I am unable to.

If anyone could help with these, it would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Some of this functionality has migrated to a centralized SSO. You will be able to change your picture, Minecraft name, Github name, and a few other details on It appears it is impossible to change your email at the moment(on forums or auth) unfortunately and a staff member will have to change your name.

@Kepler Unless you want to receive tons of spam, I would recommend to remove the mail address from your post immediately. Bots are crawling through the web in search for new addresses als the time and anything that contains an @ might arouse their interest.