Trouble with GriefPrevention

I have been trying for days now to get GriefPrevention working, I’ve added in some “requirements” and it enabled atleast half of the plugins actual functions. However, most of the stuff doesn’t work now. Claiming works, but /trust and /abandonclaim do not work. There is no response from the author of the plugin with the new GriefDefender version or supporting the older versions.

Anyone having similiar issues and can help?

Grief prevention doesnt work now and has for a long time. The developer moved to Grief Defender

The developer has moved to GD, while leaving the thread open and Discord locked with no way of contacting any support. GriefDefender has to be manually built from Git and when the build doesn’t go the way it’s supposed to, an Issue we opened has been unsolved for the past week or more.

That’s because the developer wants you to buy it. The terms are like Linux. You can get it for free but you need to pay for support

May I ask you where did you saw people paying for support on opensource software like Linux?

The business that owns the distro (redhat is the one that comes to mind)

Yeah keep in mind what RHEL stands for :smiley:

I know. Just making a point that the grief defender developer wants you to pay for support

Yeah and I’m trying to make a point that some basic support on your code that you made could still be provided. Take for example some other plugin developers and/or services that still do offer support but you can buy prioritized support for some amount of money, or just make plugin being paid.

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