Trouble with PEX permissions

Continuing the discussion from :key: PermissionsEx v2.0 [API 3.0]: I am having a LOT of trouble with PEX. PEX overrides operator permissions and basically locks me out of the game commands unless i use console. I tried adding groups and permissions but it resulted in the message “Too many arguments!” or “Not enough arguments!” If anyone knows how to create groups and add permissions in the sponge version of PEX please post a reply ASAP because PEX is an important part for my server.

I think you’ll find an answer to most of your problems in this post from the PEX 2.0 topic:

This topic might also help:

As a side note:

I know that most other forum software have bad search functionality, but Discourse (the software used on these forums) has a really good search function, with which I found both of these in about a minute. I recommend you try that the next time you need some help - if you open the search bar inside the PEX topic, there’s a button that will make it search only inside that topic. Having existed for more than a year, these forums are a well of information :slight_smile: